Trayas is a knowledge-driven public purpose enterprise. We collaborate with mission-driven partners and state governments on transformational regulatory initiatives. As an independent and trusted advisor, our mission is to inform and accelerate policy decisions that enable the greatest opportunities for our people, businesses, and communities.

Clients and partners rely on us for

Strategic Regulatory Planning
  • Identifying problem areas in current regulation, particularly at the state level; and
  • Outlining strategic areas to focus on and tactical positions on how to reform.
Research & Communication
  • Assembling a pan-state picture of regulation on any issue;
  • Building open-source research repositories on primary and subordinate legislation;
  • Estimating impact of proposed and enacted regulation; and
  • Sharing visually powerful and easy-to-understand knowledge products.
Reform Design & Implementation
  • Designing principles-based, technically correct, administratively feasible, and timely reforms;
  • Building consensus on proposed recommendations; and
  • Implementing agreed reforms.
We build capacities of governments and civil society to apply a principles-based lens to regulation design, execution and impact. First, through a careful count-and-catalogue approach, we identify to deep specificity the corrections required in law and policy. Second, we share evidence with decision-makers and influencers to demonstrate how recommended regulatory corrections advance prosperity
  • First Financial Year (1 February 2021 – 31 March 2022): MGT-7