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The average twelve-month price prediction for Semrush is $16.67 with a high price target of $25.00 and a low price target of $10.00. SEMRush offers an extremely powerful tool covering nearly every aspect of SEO, taking your SEO strategies to the next level. Furthermore, it comes with a robust set of marketing features to differentiate it from similar platforms. In summary, SEMRush is currently one of the best options for companies with a need to invest in an SEO. SEMRush is broadly aligned with competing SEO services in terms of both pricing and the feature set. Morgan Stanley analyst Elizabeth Porter maintained a Hold rating on SEMrush Holdings (SEMR – Research Report) today and set a price target of $16.00.

And build custom reports with your agency logo so client reporting is as easy as a couple of clicks. Plus, you can schedule these reports for automated delivery. I recommend a free Google’s Lighthouse Audit to confirm your site speed, SEO readiness, and technical setup. We’ve used a combination of the four of them to build this blog, Growth Marketing Pro into a 6-figure passive income machine.


Ahrefs allows you to go incredibly deep in your competitive research. For example, you can pay every month a higher price or purchase an annual subscription to save up to 17%. Hence, if you are sure this tool is what you want to use for a long time, it’s better to pay in advance and cut expenses.

This means you can generate as many topic ideas as you need for your content, unlike in the Pro version, where topic results are limited. By simply entering a topic in the search bar, SEMrush comes up with a number of relevant subtopics that you can include in your content. forex algorithmic trading With this tool, you can streamline your content creation processes. I think this is a tailwind that will help push Semrush onto continued success. So if you’re an agency that needs a ton of features, data, and PDF reports to send to clients, Semrush is a solid value.

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Read this overview to learn about Semrush pricing options and pick the most suitable one for you. For easy navigation, SEMrush provides an intuitive visual interface. A few clicks are all you need to analyze domains and see what your competitions are up to. Once you decide which way to go with your content, an SEO-aware Writing Assistant helps you get there. Finally, you can set SEMrush to generate graphs automatically for further analysis. News Corp is a global, diversified media and information services company focused on creating and distributing authoritative and engaging content and other products and services.

After all, if a site has a similar link profile as you do, it probably means that they’re getting links from places that you want to get links from. This can be super helpful if you’re kicking off a link building campaign. For example, 25% of my backlinks come from sites in the “Marketing” niche. And another 25% are from websites that Semrush considers “Search Engine Optimization & Marketing”. By creating a free account, you agree to our terms of service.

You don’t need to purchase SEMush add-ons with your SEMRush subscription. According to SEMrush’s pricing strategy every plan is designed to offer a lot of value on its own, and add-ons are just bonuses that can enhance your marketing in a targeted way. Keywords research is the process of finding the keywords to target. Most keyword research tools have various features for identifying high and low-competition keywords. This is pretty generous and compares positively against competing tools — Ahrefs, for example, limits users to a maximum of 500 reports per month on any plan.

The Three Best Features You Should Focus On

With every business, I look to see if there are any durable competitive advantages that will help the company continue to thrive whilst protecting itself from competition. Perhaps the most exciting aspect for investors is Semrush’s ability to land and expand with its customers. This business demonstrates one of the most attractive cohort analyses that transfomrs I’ve seen, and clearly demonstrates why this company has seen great success since its founding. Not only are cohorts remaining with Semrush, but they are continuing to increase their spend – leading to a dollar-based net revenue retention rate of 127% as of Q1’22. You can view SEMrush pricing plans here, and even sign up for your 7-Day Free Trial.

Semrush is open, transparent, and independent, meaning that customers of Semrush can take comfort in the fact that there are no potential conflicts of interest. That data then leads us onto a second moat, albeit a weaker one, and that is the network effect. As Semrush grows the number of customers on its platform, it receives more data from those customers, which it can then integrate with its own data and use to improve algorithms and outcomes. Improved outcomes leads to more customers, leading to more data, and the virtuous cycle keeps on repeating. SemRush provides customers with the option to pay for their plan in yearly installments, instead of monthly.

  • For example, when I put “Digital Marketing” into this feature, it listed a bunch of similar topics.
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  • According to relevant SEO statistics, 67% of all clicks go to the top five organic results on Google.
  • Additionally, the content strategy tools that you get access to on the Guru plan are extremely useful for creating the sort of content that really attracts organic traffic .
  • Understanding these features and how to use them is the best way to determine if Semrush is the right solution for you.

The first risk comes from competition, particularly from the behemoths of Google and Meta. Yet as we have seen, Semrush already has a number of moats protecting the business from competition, and it also benefits from counter-positioning against these tech giants. Until Google or Meta change their walled-garden approach, I do not foresee them damaging Semrush’s future growth – they certainly haven’t done so far. If that wasn’t enough, Semrush also benefits from counter-positioning against the walled-gardens of Google and Meta, as well as the other specialized competitors. Google and Meta offer competing solutions, but are incentivized to prioritize their own paid channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Search) and do not operate across rival networks.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

This Advertising Research report shows Google search ads that The Verge has actually used. The good thing about SEMrush packages is that you can upgrade or downgrade your new trader rich trader plan as you wish. At any given time, you can easily switch between plans or cancel your subscription. This provides an advantage to users who have growing businesses.

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For instance, SEMrush Pro offers only the basic tools enough for startup use, while SEMrush Guru is more capable of handling bigger projects for SMBs and marketing agencies. In case you need access to all available features, then SEMrush Business would be the best option for your organization. In this article, you’ll discover what SEMrush has to offer you in terms of digital marketing.

A free SEO audit tool you should try

If you buy yearly instead of monthly SEMrush will give you a 17% discount on any plan you picked. And you will be grandfathered at that price which means if you renew your subscription next year, you’ll get another 17% discount. From this report, you can click to compare your website’s top performing keywords with your competitors’ top performing keywords. The most valuable benefit of this analysis is finding high-volume keywords where competitors rank well and you do not.

There’s nothing wrong with making your content easy to read and understand. For example, when I put “Digital Marketing” into this feature, it listed a bunch of similar topics. Which is helpful for coming up with lateral keyword ideas that would be tough to think of on your own. You can even see which sites get the lion’s share of traffic in that space. But you can even get a list of the exact sites that they’re advertising on. But the real gem here is the ability to see the exact ads that your top competitors are currently running.

SEMRush Business is best suited for agencies that manage SEO and digital marketing campaigns for dozens of clients on a daily basis. The Pro and Guru plans are suitable for small and mid-sized businesses. However, if you’re working on a large scale, then SEMrush Business plan is the way go to. SEMrush Pro plan provides five scheduled reports each month. The tool is pretty expensive and though worth the price, it’s possible you don’t really need it, especially if you’re just starting out. Good sources to find these are Google Analytics, Search Console and Ads.

Finally, you can pay with a check but only for annual SEMrush subscriptions and only if you live in the US. Don’t forget that SEMRush yearly pricing allows you to get a 17% discount. Upon activation, you have 14 days to test the SEMrush premium plan for free.

This means that having an organic ranking can lead to higher quality traffic that is easily converted to a lead or sale. The second risk comes from Semrush’s ties to Russia, which has been heavily sanctioned following its invasion of Ukraine. As per the company’s annual report, 691 of Semrush’s 1,173 full-time employees were based in Russia, although sales in the region are not significant. Thankfully, the company announced in Q1’22 that it planned to wind down operations in Russia, with a goal to relocate substantially all employees by the end of September 2022.

So while you can use the ‘Pro’ plan to generate keyword ideas , the ‘Guru’ plan gives you considerably more options on this front — and lets you manage the process of content creation better. The next plan up is the ‘Guru’ plan, which costs $229.95 per month. Don’t need to manage SEO projects for multiple websites at once. Creating a project means adding a domain to the Semrush dashboard — doing so lets you access a lot of extra data and functionality, but only relating to that domain. On the ‘Pro’ plan, you can track the performance of up to 500 different keywords. Created in 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov, Semrush now features a large user base in 143 countries — according to the company, over 10 million people have now used the product.

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